Leader of the New School


“We were never noble. Our clan consists of mortals who sought power they didn’t deserve. Perhaps it’s time we Embrace those who love magic for its own sake.”

Once Prince of Marseilles and Primogen of Milwaukee, Carna ultimately formed her own splinter cell from Clan Tremere. House Carna (as other Tremere dub it) speaks for freedom from the Blood Bond and against the tyranny of the Pyramid and the hard-coded misogyny present in the Tremere. Around the time the Pyramid’s head in Vienna intended to drop the axe on Carna and her band of rebels, the Second Inquisition paid a visit to the Great Chantry.

Without the shadow of the Pyramid, House Carna draws increasing numbers of Anarchs and disenfranchised Camarilla. Carna seeks no followers, but she recognizes them for their value. Carna didn’t survive 600 years by ignoring possible danger; she believes it’s only a matter of time before Tremere himself appears to curse her to ash. Until then, she pushes as hard as possible for a modernization and feminization of Clan Tremere.


Mask and Mien


•Embrace the Vision: You are fully committed to Carna’s vision for a new Tremere clan and find yourself possessed of a greater sense of self-belief in the presence of your fellow sub-faction Kindred. When around other members of House Carna, you have one additional die for all Willpower tests.

••The Rebel Trail: You followed Carna’s trail after her initial breakage from Clan Tremere, soaking up the feelings of rebellion and freedom. You resolve to never be a Blood slave again. Whenever at risk of becoming Blood Bound, you may make a Willpower test (with a Difficulty equal to the Blood Potency of the ingested vitae) to ignore it.

•••Unorthodox Rituals: Carna gives of her sanity or her soul to fuel her magic, instead of divesting her vitae in Hermetic orthodoxy. Your understanding of her process enables you to perform rituals in the same way. You can perform one known ritual per story without the need to expend Blood, but on a messy critical, you also become deranged in some way (typically becoming intensely paranoid or fearful of blood) until the end of the story.

••••Reimagined Bond: You have studied Carna’s magic and her unusual method of re-imagining the vinculum, and you can extend the effects of her ritual to others. Having sex with a target, mortal or undead, creates a Blood Bond between the partner, yourself, and Carna, despite Carna’s absence. Repeated sexual encounters strengthen the Blood Bond, as per the normal Bond. You can thus circumvent the Tremere clan bane, but the Bond only lasts until the conclusion of the story.

•••••Book of the Grave-War: According to rumor, the tome known as the Book of the Grave-War allowed Carna to break her Bond to Clan Tremere. You own a copy, granting you one automatic success on all Occult tests pertaining to Gehenna, its prevention, and breaking the shackles binding vampires to their elders. The book makes you unbondable for as long as you retain it and follow its arcane teachings. However, Tremere seek to destroy you and the book; the Storyteller can also penalize you one die on any Social or Mental test affected by your ongoing paranoia.


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