"Vicky" Victoria Astor III

Competitive sorority sister, Management under grad, Northwestern University


Sire: Victoria Astor
Embraced: 2016 (Born 1997 )
Ambition: Be owed a boon by someone powerful.
Desire Learn a secret.
Convictions: “To control the world, you must first control yourself” and “Ladies got to look out for each other”
Touchstones: 1: Sharon Blunt, former dean of NYU undergraduate college of business; currently the professor of strategy at the Kellogg school for management. 2: Blaire, bartender and MC at Brando’s Speakeasy Karaoke Lounge (Sunday-Friday 3pm-2am, Saturday 3pm-3am)
Humanity: 6
Generation: 12th
Blood Potency: 1
Attributes: STR 1, DEX 2, STA 2, CHA 3, MANI 4,COMP 3, INT 3, WIT 2, RES 3
Secondary Attributes: Health 5, Willpower 6
Skills: Drive 1, Firearms 2, Etiquette 2, Insight 3, Intimidation 1, Leadership 2, Performance 1 (specialty in Karaoke), Persuasion 3 (specialty seduction), Subterfuge 3, Academics 2, Awareness 1, Finance 2, Investigation1, Politics 1, Technology 1
Disciplines: Celerity 1: Rapid Reflexes; Dominate 2: Cloud Memory and Mesmerize; Presence 2: Awe and Daunt; Fortitude 2: Unswayable Mind (Passive) and Toughness
Advantages Beautiful 2, Haven 1, Allies 2 (Sorority Sisters), Mawla (Victoria and Porsche) 2, Resources 4, Status 4, Herd 1 (regular dating app hook-ups), PKJ Loresheet 1
Flaws Prey exclusion (Children), Dark Secret, Enemy (Spurned Lover)
XP: Total: 49 (+1 for presence discipline only) Spent: 47


True Age:22; Apparent age:20. D.O.B.: 12/21/1997. D.O.D.: 12/21/2017. Grew up in Manhattan-born into wealth and privilege. Mother deceased; Step-father is kinda an asshole; biological father out of touch (works over seas); step brother is missing. Moved to Chicago with “Great-aunt” Victoria two years ago, just before embrace; refer to her as my grandmother. Type A; driven to self improvement and wants to make the world a better place. Involved in sorority activities (after dark) and volunteers twice a week at Deborah’s Place, safe haven for woman. Enjoys singing karaoke. Favorite show: Law&Order and SVU.


Domain: Approximately 5 blocks of Northwestern University’s downtown campus; do not hunt there. Hunt via hook-up apps Whiplr and Blendr. Favorite hunting location: Brando’s Speakeasy (will not feed there if hunger is more than 2).


Kappa Delta house at Northwestern; basement suite with private bath and extensive closet space.

"Vicky" Victoria Astor III

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